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The Urban Lumber Company | Bronze Sponsor


The Urban Lumber Company is a Kansas City sawmill that takes waste stream logs and turns them into beautiful boards and slabs. We offer custom sawing for city trees and we also make interesting items out of our boards. We offer a full range of wood working to help a little or a lot. We also design and produce steel bases to complement our wood work. We are dedicated to making the most out of our local natural resources, specifically our neighborhood trees. Since 2005 we have been taking trees previously discarded as waste and sawing them up into usable lumber.

These trees have a new life as beautiful coffee tables, entertainment centers, cabinets and almost any other thing that you can imagine made from wood. We are proud to be able to offer to Kansas City a resource that has been previously neglected: the reuse of our urban trees.


Get in touch with our Team:

The Urban Lumber Company | Website

7200 East US HWY 40

Kansas City, MO

Tim O'Neill | | 816.797.2602

Social Media:


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