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Creating Lasting Positive Impacts:

As a Company, we recognize that our consumption and the resulting waste we create as people, businesses, and cities does not work for the long-term and are committed to lessen our negative environmental and social impacts. We are dedicated to creating communities that generate lasting positive human health and environmental impacts through the built experience.


Founded in 1981 by Wayne Stahl, current owner and CEO, Stahl is committed to elevating the built experience.

Stahl has a diversified staff of professionals who provide quality development, pre-construction, and construction services for public and private projects nation-wide. Our philosophy is to only pursue projects that we are passionate about and can add value to the process.

Stahl provides professional consulting; development; general contracting, construction management, design-build, and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) services. Construction Management, both agency and at-risk GMP, projects account for 50% of our work experience. We focus on the process of evolving the built environment to create lasting good and ensure our partners find comprehensive success.

We serve the education, hospitality, housing, civic, office, and retail market sectors with specialized expertise in occupied construction, adaptive reuse, urban infill, and sustainable practices. Stahl’s Special Project Division performs capital and tenant improvement projects for office, retail, and housing facilities.

A key differentiator is our drive to be #LikeNoOther. We see our role as more than simply constructing buildings. We manage risk and utilize integrated processes to create space with quality, craftsmanship, and care.


Get in touch with our team:

Stahl | Website

861 E Hennepin Ave, Ste 200

Minneapolis, MN 50322

Frank Clark| | 952.767.2109

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