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At Spire, we’re focused on caring for the planet we love and providing essential energy to fuel and enrich the lives of the customers and communities we serve.

Our commitment to caring for our planet

We know that natural gas is affordable, reliable and clean – and an important part of a sustainable energy future.

And as part of what we’re doing to care for our planet, we’ve committed to becoming a carbon neutral company by midcentury and we continue to step forward in pursuit of this goal.

This year, we joined the ONE Future coalition to collaborate with other energy providers and reduce methane emission to 1% by 2025.

We appointed a new head of environmental commitment, who is looking at every aspect of our business, collecting data to assess our overall carbon footprint and creating a plan to meet our goal of being a carbon neutral company by midcentury.

In support of our belief that we all have a shared responsibility in caring for our planet, we formalized and adopted our Environmental Policy and Principles in fiscal year 2020 – further solidifying our commitment to operating our business in a responsible, sustainable way.

Investing in pipeline infrastructure to improve efficiency and safety

Each year, we continue to increase our commitment to working responsibly and upgrading pipelines throughout our communities. Our efforts have resulted in:

  • Reduction in methane emissions

From 2005 to 2020, we reduced methane emissions by 43% thanks to our infrastructure upgrades and leak repair program—and we’re on target to reduce emissions by 57% by 2025 and 73% by 2035

  • Decreased leaks

In fiscal year 2020, infrastructure replacement and upgrade efforts resulted in leaks per 1,000 system miles decreasing by 19% from fiscal year 2019. This marks a 66% reduction in leaks over the last five years and another milestone in our goal to reduce methane emissions

  • Increased energy efficiency for our customers

Our energy efficiency program was designed to help customers save energy and money. Through our weatherization and rebate programs, our customers have access to the critical support to make more efficient energy choices for their families and businesses

  • Keeping customer bills low

With nearly $1 billion in infrastructure upgrades since 2017, we're proud to continue providing affordable, reliable and clean energy, while also keeping Missouri customer bills lower than they were 15 years ago.

And we're taking our commitment to carbon neutrality even farther

  • We support safety and sustainability

Spire leaders actively supported the enactment of the PIPES Act of 2020, which was signed into law in December 2020. The law requires additional safety measures and increased leak detection processes to help reduce methane emissions.

  • Pursuing partnerships focused on our planet

Through a Spire grant, Forest ReLeaf of Missouri was able to purchase, deliver and plant 900 trees in Missouri communities, including areas of Kansas City and Joplin, that were impacted by construction work and severe weather. Those 900 trees helped offset the carbon produced from 245,000 gallons of gasoline.

  • Working together to reduce environmental impact

As founding members of the American Gas Association’s methane challenge program, we actively support, promote and participate in several voluntary reporting initiatives including the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting program since 2010.

We plan to continue supporting organizations and initiatives that help us meet our commitment to be a carbon neutral company by midcentury.


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