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PROSOCO | Bronze Sponsor

PROSOCO is a national manufacturer of products for cleaning, protecting and maintaining concrete; making building envelopes air- and water-tight; and cleaning, protecting and restoring new and existing masonry buildings. We strive to provide innovative products and services that improve the appearance and performance of our built environment. Since its founding in 1939, the company has excelled at the innovation and development of superior products and services for the construction industry. PROSOCO products are a part of constructing, restoring, and preserving our present and our past including just some of these notable buildings:

Bullitt Center, Seattle, WA

W.R. Kern Center, Amherst, MA

The United States Capitol Building, Washington, DC

Second + Delaware Apartments, Kansas City, MO

Union Station, Kansas City, MO

AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX

Sustainability Statement

PROSOCO makes a positive impact on the environment via the buildings products we make.

Many PROSOCO products qualify for the world’s most stringent green building standards that support durable and energy-efficient construction, like LEED, Well and Living Building Challenge.

R-Guard air and water barriers create airtight and resilient structures that resist water intrusion, even during extreme climate and weather events like hurricanes. These products also improve indoor air quality for better occupant health and comfort.

Consolideck concrete flooring products create long-lasting, beautiful and durable floors that can last the life of the building.

PROSOCO cleaners and protective treatments maintain and restore buildings, keep them in functional states and prolong their lives.

Our masonry anchors and ties return buildings to structural soundness to permit repair instead of tearing down and building new.

We are proud to produce building materials that promote responsible construction practices and durable, healthier, and longer-lasting buildings.


Get in touch with our team:


3741 Greenway Circle

Lawrence, KS 66046

Nicole Lauderdale | 785.830.7302

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