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OPN’s architects and interior designers embrace our responsibility to care for each other and our planet through extraordinary design and boundary-free practice. Our commitment to our clients and design excellence results in people-driven, award-winning projects spanning a variety of markets including corporate, civic, education, libraries, and health care.

OPN brings together a diverse group of smart, creative designers, thinkers, and planners. We seek diversity in both our people and our projects for its capacity to inform our work and broaden our understanding of the world.

OPN's 100 designers work on projects across the country collaborating from studios in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. We understand that physical space can foster or inhibit collaboration and innovation, and we believe passionately that success lies in bringing people and perspectives together. We encourage open dialogue because we believe that the success of a project is predicated on our understanding of our clients — who they are, where they are today, and where they want to go tomorrow. We care; we pay attention; and the end result is work that exceeds expectations.


Our team takes a holistic approach to sustainability that results in buildings that look and perform beautifully. Our process puts people first by bringing in a diversity of voices early and maintaining those connections throughout the life of the project. We do this through an integrated approach that includes sustainability-focused design charrettes. Our strategy is to focus on items of practical importance to the operation of the facility and invest in those things that support the project’s vision. A building must do more than just mitigate the negative impacts of its construction and operations, it has to build lasting, positive connections among the people it serves in order to be successful.

Climate change is the biggest challenge our society faces, and the construction and operation of buildings represent 40% of the total CO2 emitted globally. The facility can address these challenges by focusing on three types of carbon emissions: transportation, operational, and embodied carbon. It can promote alternative transportation, commit to a Zero Net Energy or Zero Net Carbon facility, and reduce embodied carbon through innovative materials selection. These solutions not only save financial resources but also demonstrate what a green future looks like to all who use it.


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