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"What is possible and what does great look like" to positively impact the environment.

Being good stewards of the environment is evident in the large-scale renewable energy projects we build, the tremendous pride and effort Mortenson project teams put forth every day to manage the impact of construction on the environment, and the commitment to preserving our environment through community stewardship opportunities.

Just as our passion for innovation and continuous improvement are core to who we are at Mortenson, our commitment to environmental stewardship is just as strong and we must continue challenging ourselves to think about "what is possible and what does great look like" to positively impact the environment.

Mortenson is a Minneapolis-based, family-owned organization built on strong values and family heritage whose success is rooted in an ongoing commitment to enabling our customers’ success. Since our first project in 1954, we have evolved to become a strategic partner in not only reducing the time and cost of construction, but also in enabling solutions that improve business outcomes for our customers.

Our mission is to create an exceptional customer experience and our culture is fueled by Mortenson’s LeadBLU principles: We Before Me, Do the Right Thing and Inspire What’s Possible. These principles guide our mindsets, actions and attitudes for the benefit our customers, our colleagues and our communities.


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