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Eliminating energy waste in Wisconsin helps everyone.

Focus on Energy’s work delivers real, measurable energy and financial savings for Wisconsin’s residents and businesses.

Installing cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects creates jobs, upgrades local infrastructure and improves the environment.

Bottom line, the energy and dollars saved through Focus on Energy strengthens Wisconsin’s economy.

By eliminating energy waste we reduce the need to purchase coal and natural gas from other states. This keeps dollars in Wisconsin and lessens the need to build additional power plants.

All told, since 2011, Focus on Energy has delivered more than $1 billion worth of net economic benefits to Wisconsin.

Focus on Energy is funded by Wisconsin’s investor-owned energy utilities, as required under Wis. Stat. § 196.374(2)(a), and participating municipal and electric cooperative utilities.

Focus on Energy empowers the people and businesses of Wisconsin to make smart energy decisions with enduring economic benefits.

Since 2001, Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable resource program has stayed true to that mission statement. On behalf of 107 Wisconsin electric and natural gas utilities, Focus on Energy’s information, resources and financial incentives benefit all Wisconsinites by implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that otherwise wouldn’t happen, or in some cases years sooner than scheduled.

Designing new facilities for energy efficiency and lower operational costs?

Focus on Energy offers design professionals, builders, developers and owners technical and financial support at every stage of the design and construction process. The financial incentives provided help reduce up-front costs of energy efficiency measures exceeding Wisconsin energy code requirements. Whether you are planning a new office building, renovating a school or constructing a multifamily building, Focus on Energy provides opportunities to save.


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