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Ever-Green Energy is committed to operating and managing utilities that promote clean air, clean water, low-carbon solutions, public health, and address the impacts of climate change. We work collaboratively with our operations partners, local communities, and environmental partners to continually improve our operations and contribute to planning for a more sustainable future.

In 2021, in addition to our utility operations, our team is proud to have four projects moving toward near-term carbon neutrality, with 12 total projects working on decarbonization. We believe that reducing carbon and addressing climate change are critical, and it is inspiring to see these projects moving forward, despite the impacts of COVID-19.

Ever-Green Energy is a recognized leader in energy conservation and the use of renewable energy. Our mission is to develop, own, and operate efficient energy systems that benefit our customers, communities, and the environment.

Ever-Green Energy was established to fulfill a commitment to the public good by developing community energy systems that promote local decision-making, smart resource management, fair and principled employment practices, and environmental stewardship.

The Ever-Green Energy team is passionate about the efficient use of energy and the need to decrease carbon emissions while increasing energy security. The breadth and depth of our experience, coupled with our ability to create innovative solutions that truly benefit our partners, distinguishes Ever-Green Energy from others in the energy industry.


Get in touch with our Team:

Ever-Green Energy | Website

305 St. Peter Street

Saint Paul, MN 55102

Jenae Batt | | 651.290.2812

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