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A Commitment to Sustainability:

At EP, a commitment to sustainability means more than having a handful of LEED buildings under your belt (which we do). It means challenging the accepted norms of how a building can perform. It means driving down EUI (energy use intensity) numbers because it’s the right thing to do for our client, and for the planet. It means raising the question about sustainability even when the client does not. It means looking at resilience and life-cycle costs and overall impact. It means creating our own energy dashboard which tracks a variety of energy metrics, including EUI and LPD (Lighting Power Density) on all projects that we energy model. You cannot improve what you don’t measure.

Our sustainability guiding principles hang directly off our company values of family, service, and trust:

• We will reduce consumption (FAMILY)

• We will implement sustainable, high-quality design solutions (SERVICE)

• We will share truthful expertise (TRUST)

About Emanuelson-Podas:

Emanuelson-Podas (EP) helps make amazing spaces happen. We're an MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) engineering firm that works side-by-side with architects to develop building design solutions that get air, power, light, and water to the places that matter. With projects across the country and more than 90 engineers and designers on staff, EP delivers premier services to clients in more than a dozen industry sectors. Founded 65 years ago, the original partners established the company with the goal of providing second-to-none MEP engineering and design expertise. Their strength of leadership helped set the foundation for what we are today and created a strong culture of collaboration and teamwork that is still visible throughout the company. EP specializes in the design of HVAC, building automation, plumbing, lighting, power, communications, life/safety, and power generation, and offers premier energy modeling, building commissioning, and refrigeration engineering services. A values-driven company, we deliver expertise across the sustainable-design spectrum, including the full range of LEED- and WELL- design services.


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Edina, Minnesota 55439

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