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For more than 50 years, we’ve put the latest technology and resources to work to help customers control and operate their environments at peak efficiency. We’ve designed and installed unified building automation systems in more than 1,600 facilities for hundreds of businesses in at least a dozen industry sectors. More importantly, we pride ourselves on developing lasting relationships with each client we serve and making sure their needs continue to be met long after the initial project delivery is complete.

Using an unparalleled combination of experience, expertise and innovation, we customize each solution, tailoring the end product to meet client needs. This may include the desire to eliminate redundancies and streamline resource management, protect critical systems and data, increase energy management efficiencies and cost savings, reap the benefits of human-centric lighting, improve occupational comfort, or a combination of these objectives.

A passion for sustainability, a commitment to service

We believe that comfort and sustainability should go hand in hand; moreover, they should be available anywhere and everywhere, including in the various environments where our customers live, work and play. To do so, we leverage only the most reputable products available from industry-leading companies in our systems design. As an authorized dealer of Automated Logic, which utilizes WebCTRL®, the most technically advanced software interface for streamlining energy management, we can provide quality, convenience and ease of use in one simple package, ultimately putting control back in the hands of the end user.


In addition to combining HVAC, lighting, central plant, security and surveillance, and critical processes together seamlessly, we work to consistently demonstrate why “Service” is our middle name. From in-depth training to three critical levels of support, we ensure clients get the most value from their investment, helping facility owners and operators effectively utilize the technology and capabilities inherent to their systems with confidence.

Let us show you how easy life can be in a comfortable setting.


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Control Service Company

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