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Sustainable Design is Fundamental to Design Excellence

We believe sustainable design is fundamental to design excellence, and that design excellence can only be achieved with human centric and purpose led solutions. We design with the conviction that our buildings benefit people and places with a focus on health and wellness, and climate conscious approaches to design and building.

A Purpose-Driven Design Practice

BVH Architecture is a purpose-driven design practice committed to an immersive and collaborative creative process. We create architecture that enhances and inspires the communities it serves.

BVH Architecture has engaged in the design and preservation of our built environment through the practices of architectural design, interior architecture, and planning since 1968. Our studio locations in Lincoln, Omaha, and Denver are home to multi-disciplinary design staff bent on making the world better by designing exceptional places to live, work, learn, and play.

We employ the same creative and collaborative approach in our design studios as we do in our projects. We utilize an open and energetic environment that allows a unique approach to projects with the collective knowledge of everyone in the studio, and we encourage our clients and the community to engage with us in our design pursuits.

At the core of our design practice lies the desire to do more with built environments than meet minimum requirements. Our vision as designers is to transform lives by creating places that contribute to the vitality of communities. We believe in making the world better by design.


Get in touch with our Team:

BVH Architecture | Website

440 N 8 St Ste 100 (Lincoln Studio)

Lincoln, Nebraska 68508

Jessica Spitsen | | 402.413.6516

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