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Sophisticated, Sustainable, and Human-Centered Design:

We believe it is our responsibility to shape the future through design. As a founding signatory of AIA2030 and a signatory of SE2050, we are committed to meeting our clients’ sustainability goals and challenging our industry. Our holistic approach to design integrates sustainability, resilience, research, and equity into the design process. We are committed to leaving a positive impact on the world through sophisticated, sustainable, and human-centered design responses to the profound challenges of our time. At the beginning of a client relationship, we actively listen to understand the client’s goals, culture, and any future changes they anticipate will impact their business, campus, or community. This process shapes a sustainability vision that embodies the client’s values. The vision is realized through ideas that reflect our deep understanding of all aspects of a project’s performance: human experience, cultural significance, technical rigor, and systems efficiency. Our goal is to design buildings that are embraced by the owners, operators, users, and community members who live, work, and gather inside and around them. A beloved building—one so treasured it lasts for generations—is both beautiful and sustainable.

Making Positive, Lasting Impact:

HGA is an interdisciplinary design firm committed to making a positive, lasting impact for our clients and communities through research-based, holistic solutions.

We believe that great design requires a sense of curiosity—forming deep insight into our clients, their contexts, and the human condition. As a collective of design professionals working together across diverse backgrounds and disciplines, we seek to understand and optimize all aspects of each unique environment: human experience, cultural significance, technical rigor, systems performance, and resiliency.

With over 800 architects, engineers, interior designers, planners, researchers, and strategists, HGA has built a network of expertise and a culture of knowledge-sharing to address the increasing complexities faced by our clients. With a history of working as an interdisciplinary practice, we have developed a truly integrated approach that yields inventive, efficient, and humane responses to the profound challenges of our time. Founded in Minneapolis in 1963, HGA now has 11 locations coast to coast: Boston, MA; Alexandria, VA and Washington, DC; Madison and Milwaukee, WI; Minneapolis and Rochester, MN; and Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose, CA. Our practice spans multiple markets, including corporate, cultural, education, local and federal government, healthcare, and science and technology.


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